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Katerra is an end-to-end building services provider.

While other major industries have radically modernized, construction still employs many practices first introduced more than 100 years ago.

Design still treats the vast majority of projects as one-off prototypes, while fragmentation of product and services delivery leads to unpredictability in schedule and cost. Most construction firms dedicate 1 percent or less of their revenue to technology solutions.

As a result, productivity is failing, costs are rising, the construction workforce is shrinking, quality is variable, and demand outpaces supply.

As a technology-led end-to-end building services provider, Katerra exists to answer these challenges.

We are bringing fresh minds and tools to the world of architecture and construction, and applying systems approaches to remove unnecessary time and costs.

New Build

We provide end-to-end services, including fully-integrated delivery of building projects, including design, materials, procurement, manufacturing, and construction.

Material Sales

We provide direct material sales with a curated catalog of structural components, finish items, and kitchen & bath products. Katerra is equiped to manage all the logistics, including delivery and installation.


Katerra also provides fully-integrated renovations services for mulitfamily market rates, affordable, commercial and retail markets.